Speaker Nomination

Nominations are now closed.

Speaker announcements will be made in the coming weeks. Please check back soon for more information.

Do you have someone in mind, whom you think would be wonderful to have on our stage at TEDxOhioUniversity? Fantastic! The most important part of any TEDx event is to curate a great roster, so the team is thrilled to get your great recommendations.

Our theme for TEDxOhioUniversity 2020 is “Thriving in Rural Communities.” For full consideration, please include a description of why you, or the innovator you’re nominating, can speak to this subject. We’re looking for: never-before-seen presentations, from people who’ve changed the world in terms of Technology, Entertainment, or Design. (T.E.D.) We also consider talks from Entrepreneurs who’ve built substantial companies.

Our audience is not interested in: advice or “coaching” about how to live differently; causes or charities looking for support; professional or semi-pro “public speakers” who’ve given the same talk many times; or personal observations from an individual who’s not famous. Our audience attends to meet and learn directly from inventors and designers and creators. Note to publicists or speakers ‘on tour’: each talk at TED events is a unique debut, something new and special that has never been seen before. If you have a “standard presentation”, please don’t recommend it. Please make sure you (or the person you’re nominating) has time for a meaningful commitment, since we cannot work through a proxy. In exchange we’ll provide assistance with art, content, and delivery, to help craft a stellar performance.

Please have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions about Speakers first, to make sure your nominee will be suitable. If you plan to nominate yourself, you should also have a look at our Speaker Content Guidelines, which discuss the presentations in a bit more detail. TEDx organizers typically review 10 times as many applications as we have speaking positions available, so we regret that we cannot provide you with individual guidance in preparing your nomination form.