The TEDxOhioUniversity event scheduled for March 23 has been postponed.

Please check back soon for more details.

What kind of speakers will there be?

  • Each individual on the stage will be someone who has changed the world, in terms of Technology, Entertainment, or Design.
  • Every presentation will be a world debut, meaning that the content of the talk will be something nobody has ever seen before.
  • Talks at TEDxOhioUniversity will be between 6-12 minutes – not longer. You won’t get bored, and we suggest you pay close attention, so you don’t miss anything!

What if I miss part of it?

Not to worry — we will have multiple photographers and videographers providing complete coverage of the event, which will be available free on YouTube after the conclusion of the live event.

If I can see it online, why bother buying a ticket?

The reason to attend in person is for the rare opportunity to tune out the world and spend a complete day totally immersed in new thoughts and ideas.

The speakers, and your fellow audience members, are all carefully curated. Most of the attendees and the speakers will be on-site for the entire day. So, if you see a thrilling presentation and want to speak one-on-one with the presenter, you could easily find them an hour or two later during one of the breaks!

Clear your calendar, open your mind, and get ready to meet a thrilling cross-section of new people!

Do you have keynotes or panels?

At all TED and TEDx events, everyone hears every presentation. There are no breakout sessions, separate tracks, keynotes, or panels. Why? Quite simply, because we believe that your time is worth more than that.

If someone is important enough to be on our stage, then they are also important enough that you shouldn’t have to choose between them and someone else speaking at the same time in another room. Therefore, we never have “breakout sessions” or “separate tracks.”

Similarly, we will never put a “panel” on stage, because it has been our experience that panelists are often unprepared or redundant with one another.

Every one of our speakers will be delivering a presentation which has never been seen before in the world. They are all individuals who would be worthy of a “keynote” position at many other events; therefore, we do not afford any special status to one speaker over another.

Mutual Respect

Please no phones, tablets, or laptops in the main auditorium while presenters are on stage! The light and sound emitted affects everyone around you.

We appreciate that you will be entrusting us with your valuable time by spending the day at TEDxOhioUniversity, and so we return that trust by bringing you presentations that deserve the complete stage and the undivided attention of our audience.

In return, we only ask that you use the day as an opportunity to learn, grow, and discuss new ideas – not to sell your personal products or services.

In addition, we ask all audience members to pay attention, rather than distracting others with laptops or mobile devices. (A separate area will be set aside for anyone who wishes to write, blog, tweet, or otherwise engage during the event.)